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Deeds of Arms & Chivalry

Mod review by MajorJames Agree Disagree

Great mod. I've played countless mods in my over 3k hours played of this game and I recently found Deeds of Arms and Chivalry. The maps you battle on are really simple but also look great, troop trees feel diverse and the game runs real smooth. Very well done!



Mod review by acecode116 Agree Disagree

I didn't use to use a ton of mods, but I found I liked quite a few of the mod packs for Generals.

This launcher has been amazing and makes launching different mods a snap. I loved it so much that I created this ModDB account so that I could save it for future installations and write this post! Highly recommend if you are interested in switching between mods.


Cry of Fear: Unofficial Patch

Mod review may contain spoilers by zoom63 Agree Disagree

Good job



Realistic Rebalancing Mod for Crossfire

Mod review by rodbatten Agree Disagree

Essential mod for playing Crossfire, unfortunately it doesn't have all the calibre fixes than are in the JA:BIA mod, but it has enough to improve the game a lot. I added the calibers for 5.45 myself, but I can't really distribute a mod of someone else's mod.


Realistic Rebalancing Mod

Mod review by rodbatten Agree Disagree

You *could* play JA:BiA without the RR mod, but you will not have nearly as much fun as you will with this mod installed.


S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat

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Headcrab Sandbox

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Українізатор Anomaly 1.5.2

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Imperial Destroyer ver.1783

Mod review by uwotm87734 Agree Disagree

Finally a mod for empire that tries to portray uniform changes in many units that occured during the XVIII century. There are plenty of good mods like DME, or Imperial Splendour. But Imperial Destroyer with both 1700 and 1783 submods outclasses competition in terms of unit accuracy, making game a lot more immersive. In other mods it bothered me that we could have the same looking units for hundred years, now it still doesn't satisfy me completely but is way better. There are a couple of issues which hopefully will be fixed. Like way too low ammunition for infantry which can be fixed by editing Lord_dbunits and Lord_core, like I did. Though, many people don't know how, or don't have the time to do this, so imo ammo should be increased by default. A high number of cannons per unit bothers me too. They should be cut in half in size, or do something like small caliber=many cannons big caliber=few cannons. but like I said, these are only minor issues that can be easily adjusted to fit personal preference. Overall this mod is wonderful, I hope it will be updated because it's very promising.


Starcraft & Broodwar Co-op Campaign

Mod review by ryanlennoxx Agree Disagree

It's Simply a perfect job!
Flawless missions and scripting and you get all of the coop difficulty options you may want (Easy - Normal++ - Insane)
I mean, if you wanna play Coop Starcaft, what else could you possiblt ask for?


Lego Star Wars Modernized Weapons Pack

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Grounded Commonwealth

Mod review by pgermac03 Agree Disagree

It's amazing how different the experience is when not surrounded by dissonance, and how much one is drained of energy before anyone even opens their mouth from just processing all the tropes in the vanilla game. By rewriting dialog to better fit context, and adjusting characters to provide thematic coherence, all of a sudden the game finds a foundation that gives it direction and enhances all other aspects.


Imperial Total War

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Grand Theft Auto Vice City Extended Features

Mod review by ardaakel1903 Agree Disagree

Three words: THE ULTIMATE MOD !


457 AD: Last Years of the Western Empire

Mod review by potatoSauce0326 Agree Disagree

Good mod just not enough money in merchants though.


Aliens: Colonial Marines

Game review by armyofuno Agree Disagree

with mods a 7, without it's a 6


RLCoop (Realistic Survival Co-Op)

Mod review by reter Agree Disagree

This is the best Unreal 98 mod


Another generic Hello Neighbor mod: Remastered

Mod review by The_crackers Agree Disagree

not bad


Unification Mod - Dawn of War: SoulStorm

Mod review by neomax17 Agree Disagree

Wow !!!