An ambitious, large-scale submod for the great Stainless Steel 6.4, with the ultimate goal of delivering the most historically accurate early era campaign this game can offer. 1st place in 2018, 2019 and 2020 TWC Modding Awards for Medieval II Total War Submods category.

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New version SSHIP 098, many updated and new features, bug fixes etc.

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We have just published a new version of SSHIP mod for Medieval Total War 2. The link to download is here.

SSHIP 098 - August 2023

Medieval 2 8 9 2023 5 22 08 PM

There are many updates:

- additional recruitment pools for Knights for the AI factions cut down. As a result, a player should discern that the AI fields fewer such units.
- recruitment slot added to the unique military buildings (Narikala, White Tower), while the number of slots from the core buildings (walls, castles) is lowered (second time the same fix for the same trap we've fallen in the past... ugh). The new Var building provides an additional slot.
- 'Ruthenian archers' are now available in the Rus lands (while Hunters are removed from there - I'm not sure it's a good solution, maybe the Hunters should be the base unit, the Ruthenian a better one?) for all factions, with Rus and Lithuanian factions having additional pools' increases.
- recruitment for Rus factions in the castle barracks re-coded.
- some updates for the recruitment provided by the unique buildings (additional recruitment pools: this should result in your capital providing you much more units than the other cities).
recruitment of the Georgian castle barracks reviewed, with the pools' refill lowered significantly, and crossbow units available mainly outside Georgia.
- adjustments of the Byzantine recruitment of the crossbow units (much fewer in Byzantium, Armenia and Georgia, none in the Middle East, while more elsewhere).
- adjustments to the city barracs of Byzantium and Georgia, with Scutatoi units added to Constantinople.

knigh3d 2

- AI and diplomacy adjustments - ongoing work as usual.
- Bedouin invasions - added 6 lacking settlements (for the total of 28), added recruitment pools' depletion after an invasions, warning infos for the player will work, description of how does it work added.
- Catalan invasions - added 4 settlements (for the total of 19).
- the Prussian raids - in 5 player's provinces, plus a 'settlement rebels' system in Twangste.
- some changes to the anti-hoarding mechanism (ie money), also to the texts explaining what's happening.
- quite significant re-coding of the Military Orders (perhaps for the first time from the v.092) - the mechanisms should work now, the requirements are now more-or-less reasonable, there're fall-back triggers etc.
- England evolution: events re-coded from being in the historical events file into the script, which will enable making them soon conditional on something the player does.
- Hungary evolution: events re-coded from being in the historical events file into the script, a few new added, also new conditions and consequences introduced.


- slight modification of borders in South England, in Auvergne, next to Lyon, in Russia.
- significant modification of province borders in the Zagros mountains, a river flowing from the north deleted to make the pass passable, a ford added: now there's a road from Hamadan south to Wasit, and also from Hamadan west to Baghdad.
- settlements moved: Nurnberg (slightly north), Firenze (slightly south-east), Kernave (slightly north-east), Pereyaslav (quite much to the east, also the ford has been moved), Riga (a bit to the east, to be on the river), Hamadan (a bit to the west);
- some resources moved around, silver in the Tatra Mts. added.
- settlement of Valladolid moved to became Salamanca, the borders around modified, also names of the provinces adjusted.
- remake of the Serbia region: settlement of Nis moved to became Belograd, settlement of Ras moved as well with much modifications to the borders.
- some changes of placement of resources in those modified regions.

- Var building - regional building for Hungary, 9 levels.
- debuff to the population growth AI bonuses at lower level of the settlements to prevent the phenomenon of the AI upgrad settlements too fast. First observations tell that it works - you still see large towns in the 13th century, not only large cities and citadels.
- costs, building times, and upkeep prices of many buildings adjusted (in particular: for the upper levels of settlements the costs increased, while the building times decreased).

FIXES and many more news. Full list is here.

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