Great Houses of Calderia is a feudal Grand Strategy game focusing on family dynamics & stories. Use your family strengths to compete against rivals to rise in the ranks of Calderia - produce, trade, scheme, bribe, and battle to build your legacy of power!

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Create your noble family & rise in the ranks in this Feudal Grand Strategy game on August 30th on Steam in Early Access!

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Rulers, brace yourselves! Great Houses of Calderia will be in Early Access on August 30th!

Let's get into the details of the Early Access release and what awaits you!

What is an Early Access release and why?

Early Access is the stage of a game's anticipated release that is still under development. This means that you can buy, own, and play the game as it develops. The game will evolve with your feedback and you will actively contribute to its enhancement and final shape.

The game is developed by a small team of indie developers. We wish to bring a new perspective to this kind of game. We've put a lot of creative effort into designing an engaging experience that mixes things you know and love with new ideas that make it different.

The game's Early Access version already has several hours of gameplay. Rise in the ranks of Calderia and become an even more powerful family. More elements will be developed towards the end of Early Access. Finally, we will continue to develop the traditions feature, defining your family's and fiefdom's identity, rules and values during Early Access.

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What will be in the game at launch?

Great Houses of Calderia will be continuously updated and additional content will be introduced during Early Access. We will also adjust numerous mechanics and make balancing changes based on your feedback. It also relates to multiple ways to win the game. You'll start to notice hints of it before it's completely presented in the game.

  • Create your noble family, name it and its characters, make your coat of arms, decide where you want to settle and what your family’s traditions are.
  • Manage social conflicts between rival Houses.
  • Find a suitable spouse, arrange weddings, make alliances and pursue your legacy.
  • Send members of your family as wards, squires, or court members to other rulers as a sign of goodwill, if chosen wisely.
  • Trade your resources, the valuation of the items is based not only on supply and demand, but also on another main element on top of valuing the price of the goods – the Willingness meter, until you reach a satisfying trade proposal.
  • Overthrow rival and oppressive Houses, wage a war on their fiefdoms to weaken them and assert your dominance.
  • Don't want to get blood on your hands? Then scheme against your opponents by recruiting spies and disrupting their fiefdoms from the inside.
  • But don't forget rank election delegations, you have to prove your worth to the Emperor every five years to earn a new title or maintain the one you have.
  • Your fiefdom management is just as important as your relations with your neighbours. Produce resources, improve your buildings and develop your population, make sure they are happy and efficient.

ghoc head of house selection

The game will be available in English during Early Access. The full release will then be localized in other yet to be determined languages.

Please be aware that there might occasionally be bugs, unexpected behavior, or minor gameplay balance issues that will be fixed as they occur during development.

Great Houses of Calderia will be available on Steam on August 30th in Early Access.

- The Great Houses of Calderia Team -

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