"Chicks dig giant robots." -Megas XLR, opening theme. Eh, this is more or less a collection of random modifications I'm doing to Generals in my spare time. The release will come quite soon, though yeah, the main attraction really comes from the giant robots cobbled up from different models and held together with chain tool. Other than that, there will some minor changes to the factions, so eh. ~precision_bomber

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This article is going to discuss the content of this update to Giant Robot Edition and the future of this mod.

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Hey folks. precision_bomber/ Zatsupachi /dracmeister (depending on where you know me from) here.
I've working on this joke mod for quite a bit now and this update means A LOT to me, since it's going to be the last major update on foreseeable future.

This doesn't mean I'm abandoning this mod completely and I'm still going to do updates time and time again for various bug fixes and patches on things that are brought up to my attention. This ALSO doesn't mean that there will no more major updates, just that they're gonna be less frequent, and updates will be very minor tweaks here and there.

If anything this mod will not be a priority task anymore for me so I can work on different projects more actively, I'll still return to this mod if I have something fresh to offer.

Anyway onto the update:

-The Anti-Giant Robot Units-


Armor General gets Arch Angel from the Airfield. This one's already been featured in the previous update and it's relatively unchanged here.
Drone General gets the Spectre, an mini-Spectre Gunship. Drone General also has the Queen Drone, who now has an upgrade to make it into an Anti-Giant Robot Unit with an High-Yield Nuclear Device it detonates upon death.
Laser General gets the Subdeus Machina. It's a heavy tank with plasma weapons and Prism Towers.
Defense General (formerly Humvee General) gets the Enforcer. It's Mobile Barracks and Bunker.


Artillery General gets the Shin-Ymir. This also was already featured in the previous update, it's a mobile bunker hovercraft.
Dragon General gets the Steel Golem, it's a mobile defensive wall, it has a lot of utility and defense-oriented tricks.
Gatling General gets the Archon. This one is a bit of a secret unit that you'll have to figure out how to get. There's clues in the mod on how to get it.
Nuke General gets Atomic Skipper, it's an invisible hovercraft that doesn't provoke aggro when revealed.


Truck General gets the Heavy Assault Truck, it's a modular truck with various weapons that can be attached to it.
Chemical General gets Cloudkill, a heavy assault blimp, built from the airfield.
Demolition General gets the Fireball, it's a big ungga-bungga tank, I like it.
Buggy General gets Phantasm, another GLA Airfield unit. It's like Atomic Skipper in where it doesn't provoke aggro but on top of the fact that it's never goes out of stealth unless it uses its missiles.

-GLA Airforce-
All GLA Factions get an Airfield now, not just Truck General. That means All GLA Armies now have their own unique take on airforces, they have wider variety than the Chinese factions funnily enough.

-Generals Powers-

All Generals now have a set to call their own. And a unique 5-Star power for every single one.

Information of these in the changelog.

Armor General: MOAB

Defense General: EMP Clusterbomb Carpet

Drone General: Fuel-Air Carpet Bomb

Laser General: Ion Cannon Strike

Artillery General: Artillery Barrage Lv4

Dragon General: Napalm Strike

Gatling General: Doom Drop

Nuke General: Scorched Earth

Truck General: Nuke Truck Surprise!

Chemical General: Anthrax Bombs

Demolition General: Angry Mob Ambush

Buggy General: Random Stolen Power

Other Shenanigans:

If you follow me on YouTube, you'll see some of funni testing videos, here's a bit of explanation on some of them.

This is the Sledgehammer, in the Truck General Airfield, jt drops Bomb Trucks on the target.

These are Jetpack Terrorists, they're exclusively for Demolition General. They fly to their targets with their "jetpacks." They have an evolved form on the Airfield called the Enlightened where they ride SCUD Missiles.

Angry Biker Mob, or Biker Gang, as referred to internally. Exclusively for Buggy General as a replacement for the Angry Mob, now at the Arms Dealer.

--And that's most of it! The rest you'll have to see for yourself, please don't be shy in reporting any bugs or errors you encounter, PLEASE read the changelog for known issues so we can avoid redundant reporting.--

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