Lost in Infinity's grasp, the Doom Slayer must break an endless cycle of death and rebirth. Classic Doom transformed into a roguelike along with upgrades, stats and random surprises!

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New version of Doom Infinite brings major balance improvements and even more bugfixes!

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Doom Infinite is a single-player Doom-based action FPS roguelike conversion mod for GZDoom 4.8.2 or newer.

Requires Doom2.wad to run (DOOM II ON GOG | DOOM II ON STEAM)

Version 0.978.3 brings much needed balance to the game - from Hell Gate spawners, through the game director up to more intricate details. You will see your runs go on for longer with more fair fights - but don't worry, there's still plenty of surprises and challenging situation to deal with!

Tame the pandaemonium!

Even the tutorial got reworked, featuring better balance, faster pacing and even additional hints to help beginner players get up to speed and start their journey into infinity. Remember - there's an in-game guide you can consult during gameplay!

Do NOT stand in the fleshy center of evil!

I want to thank everybody who has supported me, us and the project in any form - even a "good mod" comment helps out! Also, do remember that this is a DEMO and we're just heating up. The things planned for near (and far) future will blow you away - and that's a promise!

Next update: even more bug-hunting, more content (active items, map additions, chainsaw and melee are going to receive much needed love and care) and more DOOM!

Download DOOM INFINITE DEMO 0.978.3 - Mod DB

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