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Company & Me: Runic Dices Entertainment & Leó Ólafsson

Looking for: Unity Lead Developer and Business Partner

Our ideal candidate...

Is proficient in Unity and C#

Has shipped at least one commercial game, preferably a 2D pixel art game

Understands roguelite dynamics

Is familiar with Scrum, Kanban, and other agile methodologies

Values collaboration, communication, and consistency


Equity offering of 5%-15% based on hours and performance

Flexible work hours with an expected commitment of 20 hours/week

Join our vibrant team of 12+ individuals, including shareholders and interns

Team: At Runic Dices Entertainment, we prioritize the skills, learning, and passion of our team, collaborating with fervent partners and maintaining respect for all.

Current status: Established in 2022 and officially founded in 2023, actively looking for investments and partnerships.

Project: Nanokings - a Norse dystopian top-down roguelite adventure set in a world combining Icelandic nature, steampunk aesthetics, and Viking lore.

To better understand our direction, consider these similar games:

Contact method: If you're interested in exploring this partnership opportunity, please contact me directly at, LinkedIn, or send me a private message on Discord. We can arrange a meeting, you can test the prototype, and we can discuss the prospects further.

Thank you for considering this opportunity.



Leó Ólafsson

Founder, Runic Dices Entertainment

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