UNIFICATION 6.9.25 - (10/30/2022)

The ultimate race combiner, bugfixer and more.
For both the STEAM and the DVD version of Dawn of War: Soulstorm

An amazing documentary/thorough preview of the mod itself by Poncha:

An excellent video by Caldaris,explaining many of the more complicated mechanics in the mod for anyone having troubles with them still.

Unification 6.9 Highlights
- ART: All nine vanilla races got reworked.
- Titans: Each Vanilla race got one Tier I and one Tier II Titan. Other faction titans accordingly readjusted to the system in place.
- New Units: Each vanilla race got new units and upgrades!
- New Voices: Thanks to brother Thudo and his huge team, you will experience a new level of audio.
- HUGE Campaign updates: Including the option to use Win Conditions in it and ALL the new stuff!
- New Win Conditions: Seamless operation. We have re-coded the whole SCaR folder, with tons of optimizations.
- Outstanding AI: We took the original DoWAI, and expanded even further! You will see additions coded from both me and brother Thudo.
- SURVIVAL: This new Game Mode is fully supported by ALL races. No more restrictions. MANY thanks to Swanky for updating the profiles. Original idea by brother Argonaut. Re-coded from scratch.
- LAST STAND: Fully updated courtesy of Lemon Tree.
- KILL-TEAM: EXPERIMENTAL !!! It is there if you want to see what this is about - a draft implementation of an idea... Just choose a skirmish map, and Space Marines, Eldar, Tau, Emperor's Children and Inquisition Daemonhunters as players. This is an ONE-SQUAD match. Just capture Locations to get resources and reinforce your squad. Original idea by brother ZmajOgnjeniVuk.
ASSAULT: Also experimental. And not updated for now.
- Easter Eggs: Search for them!
Plus many more things, like the tons of fixes of the Bugfix mod, shadows, better camera, the option to remove the Fog from maps, imported FreeUI and Objective Points mods (no need for extra downloads) support for more Mem... No need to say more.

...AND OF COURSE the New Races!!

In this release, the following 20 races are not only supported, THEY ARE INCLUDED!!
Dark Angels
Witch Hunters
Adeptus Mechanicus Explorators
Emperor's Children
Inquisition Daemonhunters
Imperial Fists
Steel Legion
Thousand Sons
Legions of the Damned
Thirteenth Company
Blood Angels
Chaos Daemons
Khrone World Eaters
Black Templars
Death Korps of Krieg
Death Guard
These are the STANDARD races, supported by Unification. And these are for STEAM MP gameplay!
You can of course manually add other races (and expect high levels of support), by hand.

Serious Warning: If you have heart (or any other medical) issues, do NOT play Against the Emperor's Children!!! Their Survival profile is NOT for the faint-hearted!!! You have been warned, we bare no responsibility if you still dare try!

We have a changelog here. B
are in mind, we have changed and added so many, it was hard to keep track of. So, is best to have a look in game for yourself.

The 6.9.1 patch changelog can be located here.

The 6.9.2 patch changelog can be located here.

The 6.9.25 patch changelog can be located here.

> Hello brothers. This is going to be the place where we will be developing the Unification Mod for the Dawn of War SoulStorm game, along with the Race Mods. Unification at its core, is an advanced combiner mod that allows you to seamlessly combine almost all community-created races. Make no mistake, this is the ABSOLUTE way to combine races. SCaR, AI, audio, winconditions, rules and all other aspects of the game need CAREFUL treatment, and I have already done the job.
> With the new version, it got even further. From 5.9 and beyond, it is also an ART REVAMP mod. All nine vanilla races are re-modelled to match higher visual standards.
> So this place will also be a "hub" for most race mods as well. You see, my team leads most of the race mods, so whenever we update one, a Unification note will also be posted.


This version works both with the STEAM and the DVD version of the SoulStorm game. Please, have your game updated to the latest patch version, for maximum efficiency.
Important: Your PROFILE name, MUST NOT end with a [Space] and a Numerical. Which means that names like "Uber 1" or "Superman 3" or "John 7" or "Computer 5" will cause issues!!!

I get out-of-memory errors,what do I do?
- Enable LAA. - In your local.ini(inside your Soulstorm folder),have the fullres_teamcolour=0.
- For bigger games,have the persistent scarring and bodies to low or off.
If the issue persists on your system,try 6p maps instead of full 8p.This is a memory limit of the engine itself,as it is a 32-bit application.
- To gain gain some more free Memory, just leave the AI MapDB wincondition, DISABLED.

4.)I have frame drop issues when I move my mouse and is flickering.
This is a bug caused by a Nvidia drivers update. 1.) Head to your Soulstorm folder and open a file entitled 'local.ini'. Look for a line that says 'screennovsync=0' and change the '0' to a '1'.
2.) Again, in your Soulstorm folder, enter the 'Drivers' folder and open a .txt file named 'spdx9_config'. Look for a line that says 'allowhwcursor 1' and change the '1' to a '0'.
3.) Test out your game. If your game is not running perfectly and you are using a NVIDIA GPU, roll your driver back to at least 457.41. Some people are experiencing issues with the 460+ drivers when it comes to playing older games.



- The game - either the DVD or Steam version (obviously!). Dawn of War is VERY cheap nowadays, so there is no excuse for not having it :) Remember that you must have the DoW game and all expansions (WA,DC,SS) to play with all 9 core races! (Note that to play on-line, you will need the Steam version.)
- A capable machine. 3 Ghz CPU / 4 GB Sys mem / 2 GB Vid mem would allow you to play the game at almost full settings. The most important part is the memory. I would say, 6 Gbs + is a must.

Please note if the exe of the Campaign Configurator is marked as a virus,it is a false positive.However,if you still do not trust it,you are free to delete it,especially if you do not care much about the campaign.This is also one of the reason we allow for manual installation,in case people do not trust the installer for whatever reason.


Whatever issues related to Unification must be reported here.
For issues related to race mods, please post them at the appropriate place - that is, the corresponding race mod's page. You may also report whatever inconsistency, directly to me (PM). Note that most of the races are now led by my team - and for the rest we have EXCELLENT relationships with our coding brothers. So... Everything will be take care of - provided we are still around...

DON'T FORGET: The DoW game series is a marvel given to us by Relic/Sega and and the WH40k universe is the outstanding creation of Games Workshop - a work of true art, if you ask me. There are countless souls in these companies (I hope I mentioned them all!) that have worked hard to provide us with this outstanding sci-fi experience. A big THANKS goes to them, and (needless to say) full credits are rightfully their own :)

For your consideration, a full credits list is located here.

(Since the pastebin does not allow the links, please check out the artstations of aforementioned creators here:

L. G Lupton:
Pontus Hultgren
Gabriel Fernandez

Special section for VA who have requested their websites to be featured:
Matthew Vanston
Ki McKenzie
Tracer Krieg
Christine Slagman
Seoras Exley
Aimee Smith
Stig Sydtangen
Andreas S
Alexis Kane
Hugh Tamlin

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Last time, we mentioned that we would reveal more about the Renegade Guard. But just like the turns the Damocles Crusade had, and because of high request from the Community, we have decided to cover the long awaited(and teased) Farsight Enclaves this time instead.


Adding the Enclaves has been a huge challenge. The main obstacle was making them a race that can stand on its own, without feeling like a Tau Empire clone with a red scheme or be compiled as just a branch addon in the base army. As either methods, would not make the hardships and backstories of the famous Eight. And thus, in the Team we have came up with an interesting(we hope) and unique mechanic, gameplay and visuals for this new faction.
For this, it is better to let our Fuggles, the one who came up with the idea and code for the new Enclaves to explain it better:

Whenever anyone mentions Enclaves on the forums it boils down to "tau that can melee", or distilled further, just "Farsight". So given that we are X years and Y races down the track, how do you extrapolate this into something that is fresh to play? Let's theorycraft.

Farsight is a rebel and so he is hated and hunted as all rebels must be. This likely means that he is engaged in guerilla warfare alongside his Crazy 8's and as such they are probably not big on static bases. This can only mean one thing...

The Enclaves rely nearly entirely upon units and resources being dropped in via Orcas and so if you need a hero dropping in then they're coming on an orca. Need troops outside of the HQ? Orca. Extra resources? Orca. The problem with this is that it's not exactly subtle as you are coming down from orbit, so the trajectory is likely tracked and this manifests itself in the game by a global ping going off when an orca lands.

Now this is a clearly a bit of a bummer, but if anyone has played Ruse then you know that mind games are a thing. The Enclaves can use ping devices to simulate the landing signature on the radar, causing a false ping on the minimap. Furthermore you can research stealth drives for the Orcas at later Tiers so they don't leave a ping and then you can combine this with ping grenades to spoof movement, if you like.

Once an Orca lands it can only stay in the combat zone for a short period of time, owing to the risk. Whilst it is on map it generates resources until it deploys a unit or a resource bundle so your opponent can either harass or just kill it. This creates a bit of risk/reward as you want your Orcas to sit there until the last moment giving you goodies, but your opponent does not.

The Eight are unlikely to all be within close range of whatever random planet is under attack so whilst you can request help, some are just going to be further away (conveniently the most powerful) but when they arrive the Eight are a mighty force, each with their own abilities. Indeed, ultimately, you can get all of the Eight deployed, if you have the means and resources and time to do so.
Indeed, as per Farsight's method of fighting, a lot of his Tau forces are good in melee. Much better than regular Tau that is.



It has been interesting to develop the Enclaves and we all are excited to see how they will be received, but certainly I can tell, they are distinct to the regular Tau. Time will tell... sooner or later, time will tell. Until then, please do enjoy a small taste from the beta, provided by the one and only, TheLaughingMax!

Of course, as always, please bare in mind all you will see are from beta and not final. All are subject to change in the final release.

And with that, we conclude this Dev Blog for today. We really hope you will enjoy and looking forward to hearing your opinions about the Tau with very far sight and his fellowship of fellow minded Commanders. As for our next meeting, again, only time will tell. But keep in mind, the last remaining uncovered races are indeed the reworked Steel Legion and Renegade Guard.

Until then, take and have fun everyone!

- Team Unification


Players Choice - Mod of the Year 2022

Players Choice - Mod of the Year 2022

Feature 26 comments

The voting period for the Top 100 mods has closed, and it's now time to announce the winners of the 2022 Mod of the Year Awards, as chosen by you!

The journey towards 7.0 (Part2)

The journey towards 7.0 (Part2)

News 41 comments

Welcome back to our part 2 of our dev blog-roadmap of 7.0, this time bringing more news for the Fallen Angels and the Vostroyan Firstborn.

The journey towards 7.0 (Part1)

The journey towards 7.0 (Part1)

News 43 comments

Once again, we return back to the fray, bringing more news about the upcoming races for 7.0.

Last Stand progression

Last Stand progression

News 13 comments

What I have been doing with Last Stand. My reason for those change and what to be expected in the future.

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Unification Patch 6.9.1 + 6.9.25 (Manual Installation)

Unification Patch 6.9.1 + 6.9.25 (Manual Installation)

Patch 18 comments

The 6.9.1 combined with the 6.9.25 Patch of Unification. THIS IS NOT A FULL RELEASE! IT REQUIRES THE BASE MOD VERSION 6.9.0 TO BE INSTALLED FIRST! INTENDED...

Unification Patch 6.9.1 + 6.9.25 (Installer)

Unification Patch 6.9.1 + 6.9.25 (Installer)

Patch 55 comments

The 6.9.1 combined with the 6.9.25 Patch of Unification. THIS IS NOT A FULL RELEASE! IT REQUIRES THE BASE MOD VERSION 6.9.0 TO BE INSTALLED FIRST! INTENDED...

Unification v6.9.0 Installer (Part 1)

Unification v6.9.0 Installer (Part 1)

Full Version 64 comments


Unification Core Files v6.9.0 (Part 2)

Unification Core Files v6.9.0 (Part 2)

Full Version 12 comments


Unification Race Mods v6.9.0 (Part 3)

Unification Race Mods v6.9.0 (Part 3)

Full Version 15 comments


Unification Music Pack (Part 4)

Unification Music Pack (Part 4)

Full Version 24 comments

A self-installing music addon for Unification. PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION CAREFULLY FOR INSTRUCTIONS!

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hello dear developers! thank you for your creation! I wanted to know if it will be possible to get version 7.0 as one installer?))) I will not say that I have problems with the installation, but sometimes I encounter errors during the game, both with AI and with real people, the game sometimes crashes and the thought does not leave me that maybe I installed something in the wrong order. with proper installation and configuration, it should never crash?

P. S. Im so sorry for google translate)))

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It's less likely install issue and more likely Ram crashing. Troubleshooting guide is here : Dawn-of-war-unification-mod.fandom.com(temp_folder_and_dump_file_errors,_183_errors,_sudden_crashes).
Welcome to the world of 32 bit games. Where peoples £3000 PC's offer them no real advantage.

The MODDB install will always be in multiple parts due to MODDB's File Size Limits. A one and done installer isn't possible here.

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Ty for reply! Understood. I'll try it

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Having a good time at the moment with a semi replication of the last Arks of Omen book.

Map = Gates of Warp

Dark Angels and Blood Angels on one side of the Warp Tunnels - World Eaters on the other.

It's 2 vs 1 but as the DA, all I am doing for now, is standing guard for mass Chaos surges that will destroy the BA base.

My goal is to prolong the struggle long enough to have The Lion, BA Commander and the big red one on the field at the same time and then have the classic 1 on 1 of the titans at the end.

So far, a lot of fun ...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

It's nice recreating the events of the lore.
I tried replicating the Siege of Vraks by playing DKoK with DA allies vs IG (with Vraks PDF colors) and Alpha Legion Chaos Marines on Vraks Prime Star Port.

I also made a WW1 style game by pitching myself as Krieg vs IG on the map Iron Line with vehicles and air units disabled. 1 hour of grinding infantry charges and counter charges, with raining artillery from earthshaker turrets. And a 400 pop cap (which honestly was overkill as the units can barely move at around 100 pop)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Sounds fun ! DKoK is a blast. Nothing like blasting swarms of Nids with Death Blimps !

In addition to Lore recreations, I just started my own version of the Blood Games (thanks Custodes) in which I am taking each Loyalist SM chapter with a mod and pitting them against all traitors and hostile Xenos.

It's going to be interesting to see what Chapters rise to the highest glory ! - until the team releases my Ultramarines - who will, of course dominate all =)

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Personally I like the Black Templars vs World Eaters match in which they practice the ancient art of beating the snot out of each other with swords and axes.

Or playing as Ork and krumpin all the orders of the sisters of battle. Why? Ta claim da title of "[Warboss] da bichslappa"

Oh, and one more thing. Playing as infantry only with the current version has, so far as I found, two hiccups:
1- The Steel Legion, as they are now, cannot repair any structure, since their repair unit, the Trojan, is a vehicle.
2- The Tyranids get almost their full arsenal (they still lose their fliers). Have fun throwing guardsmen at carnifexes while Zoanthropes and Biovores pummel you from afar. And yes, I did it, my DKoK managed to beat 1v4 combined armies of Nids trough sheer grit and testicular elephantiasis. And lots of bunkers, barbwire and eartshakers. Took me like 5 tries but sixth attempt was the charm.

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