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About that promised Android build.... Here it is! Along with that, we made the game exponentially more fun!

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Its here!

SourceBox is now cross-platform! Build 24 introduced FreeBSD, Android and Linux platforms, along with dedicated servers. You can now play SourceBox on the go (Who needs a Steam Deck anyway?).

Build 25: The fun one

This build focuses on having as much fun as possible, with convars that change up the gameplay in ways that will keep you more entertained.


Fun O Meter

Allows you to use SMG grenades to launch you in the air!


Fun O Meter0 5

Makes SMG grenades preserve your own velocity. Very useful when bhopping.


Fun O Meter0 7

Makes it so you cant hurt yourself.


Fun O Meter

Makes crossbow bolts always bounce from surfaces no matter then angle.


Fun O Meter0 4

Tilts your camera when you are going quickly while touching a wall


Fun O Meter0 6

Makes it so you don't lose your weapons after dying.


Fun O Meter0 7

Makes you respawn where you died.


Fun O Meter0 4

Enables `shoot_portal_blue` and `shoot_portal_orange` commands that allow you

to shoot portals without having the portal gun in your hand.


Fun O Meter

Makes you accelerate very quickly when bhopping


Fun O Meter1 0

Makes weapons shoot as fast as you want. You can even make them shoot EVERY TICK!


If you have not been following the progress of the game, you can always check out the GitHub Releases where we upload builds regularly. You can also check out our Discord and Guilded! (We have documentation and to-dos on our Guilded, we really recommend joining it.)

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who up funing they meter

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changed mp_god to 0 by default, best update ever

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That's great. It would be even better to add another infinite energy next time

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