The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind is an epic, open-ended single-player game where you create and play any kind of character you can imagine. Be the noble hero embarking on an epic quest, or an insidious thief rising to leadership of his guild. Be a malevolent sorcerer developing the ultimate spell of destruction, or a reverent healer searching for the cure to a plague. Your actions define your character, and your gameplay changes and evolves in response to your actions. Confront the assassins' guild, and they take out a contract on you. Impress them, and they try to recruit you instead. No two sagas are the same in the world of Morrowind.

Gameplay is further extended with the inclusion of The Elder Scrolls Construction Set (bundled with the game). This powerful tool is being used to create the entire game, and will also allow players to modify and add to Morrowind in any way they see fit. Change character or creature attributes and skills, introduce new weapons or dungeons into the game, or create entire new worlds to explore. Consequently mods for this game are everywhere, ranging in size from mere characters to fully themed packs! So should you ever want to expand on your gaming experience, be sure to scope out just a few of the amature modifications available and in existence!

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Which are the worst balance changes in Rebirth?

Greetings friends. The time has come to unveil yet another update, and with that another massive amount of changes. Interior changes, landscape tweaks, graphical improvements and much more are included. As always please let me know if you run into issues or find bugs. Have fun!

[RELEASE] Morrowind Rebirth 6.3

Alternate download

Morrowind Fixes

* Fixed incorrect spell descriptions of Summon Centurion Sphere, Summon Skeletal Minion and Summon Greater Bonewalker. The first one was stated to come from Oblivion, when it doesn't, and the other two Oblivion instead of the Outer Realms.
* Fixed an issue where the leaves of the Golden Kanet ingredient wasn't properly attached to the stem. This will also affect the Roland's Tear ingredient model introduced by Rebirth.
* Fixed an issue where the Heather ingredient leaves were 'cut off' and had artifacts due to bad UV.
* Fixed an issue where the Bittergreen ingredient leaves were 'cut off' due to bad UV.

More beast leggings

Rejoice, beast races now have access to leggings!

Morrowind Rebirth [Main]

Morrowind Rebirth Fixes

* Fixed an issue where the Hlaalu quest 'Disguise' wouldn't work as intended in some situations, even if the player was wearing the Gah-Julan Bonemold Helm given by Nileno Dorvayn. Additionally the helm given to you has regained its vanilla name 'Native Gah-Julan Bonemold Helm'.
Fixed an issue where the prisoners inside Seyda Neen, Census and Excise Office had the topic 'murder of Processus Vitellius' available, which was somewhat immersion-breaking.
* Fixed an issue where the stairs leading up to Ald'Ruhn's Manor District wasn't properly connected to the building, leading to a huge gap between the two.
* Fixed an issue where Suran Slave Market had shop door scripts, meaning it would only be unlocked during the day. Now it's always unlocked (the private room excluded).
* Fixed an issue where Manat Varnan-Adda's House had shop door scripts, meaning his house would only be unlocked during the day. Now it's always locked.
* Fixed an issue where the doors to the South Wall Cornerclub, Balmora, was misplaced somewhat, so that you could see the worldspace beyond.
* Fixed an issue where the door from Seyda Outpost to the Ascadian Isles was misplaced and not attached to the doorframe.
* Fixed an issue where one variety of the large transport ships used the imperial styled sail, when they should have used the blank one.
* Fixed an issue where the spell Star-Curse for the Serpent birthsign had its paralyze effect set to self instead of on touch.
* Fixed an issue where Kirrsi, Vivec Arena, was not wearing his armor, meaning he would walk around completely naked.
* Fixed an issue where Imperial Guard Captains would refer to themselves as "Duke's Guards" in the background topic.
* Fixed an issue where it would be overly difficult to spot Fargoth during the quest "Fargoth's Hiding Place".
* Fixed an issue where a door to Dura gra-Bol's House, Balmora, teleported the player to the wrong location.
* Fixed an issue where a Buoyant Armiger, Dralas Indules, Molag Mar, wasn't marked as a Temple member.
* Fixed an issue where the large bridge near Suran had a piece of a wall bleeding through a pillar.
* Fixed an issue where Coda Flowers (plant) was clipping badly with the leaves and stem.
* Fixed an issue where all Potions of Fortify had a missing ':' prior to the effects.
* Fixed an issue where the Nordic Iron Bracers didn't use the correct ground model.
* Fixed an issue where the Silver Throwing Knife wasn't marked as a silver weapon.
* Fixed an issue where Stendarr's Finger wasn't marked as a magic weapon.
* Fixed an issue where 'Forging a Heavy Duty Blade' wasn't marked as a skillbook.
* Fixed an issue where Vevos Rendo, Vivec Foreign Quarters, had no gold to barter with.
* Fixed an issue where Torvayn Nerethi, Gnaar Mok, had no gold to barter with.
* Fixed an issue where the entrance to Nchuleft Ruin was blocked by a wall.
* Fixed an issue where "Meteor Slime" was renamed to "Scrib Jelly".
* Fixed an issue where the door to Telasero was mis-aligned.
* Fixed an issue where the door to Shallit was mis-aligned.
* Hundreds of minor fixes such as floters, bleeding objects etc.

Fixed bad face UV-mapping

Fixing bad hair UV-mapping

Tons of UV fixes, especially for head and hair models

Morrowind Rebirth Changes

* Many NPCs like traders, pawnbrokers and booksellers had access to a ton of spells (sometimes more so than mages), which made little sense since they are often unskilled in casting them. Some are not even usuable for NPCs
such as Mark, Recall and Divine Intervention. Thus I decided to remove them all, unless the NPC offer spells for sale.
* Many spell casting classes have been given unique setup of spells, instead of having identical autocalculated setups. The end result is that spell casters will be much more varied. They will use spells that doesn't deplete their magicka pool in a few seconds, and some will have more options when low on magicka. As a side bonus most casters will no longer use summon spells, which was kinda wierd. Do note that this is still a work in progress due to the massive amount of NPCs I'm having to go through. In general the spell distrubution looks something like this:
- Mages: Mixed spells
- Battle Mages: Offensive spells such as Fire, Frost and Shock, but also some summon/bound weapon spells.
- Witch: Absorb/Drain spells and 'hexes' such as Silence, Blind, Sound.
- Nightblade: Chameleon, Sanctuary and Fortify spells.
- Necromancers: Summons (Undead), Poison and Drain spells.
- Sorcerer: Summons (Daedra), Bound Armor and Shielding spells [Still WIP].
- Witchhunter: Bound Weapons, Dispel, Reflect, Absorb and Drain Magicka spells.
- Spellsword: Restoration, Resistance and Elemental spells.
- Warlock: Summons (Daedra).
* Changes (both minor and major) to dozens of interiors, including for example The Rat in the Pot, Six Fishes, Ald Ruhn's Morag Tong Guild, Sadrith Mora's Morag Tong Guild, Ald'ruhn Fighters' Guild, some ship cabins, and a majority of the shacks in Seyda Neen, Hla Oad, Gnaar Mok, Ald Velothi and Khuul.
* Added light sources to the exterior of the Redoran stronghold of Bal Isra. As the stronghold gets more fleshed out, additional light sources will appear.
* Regular Clanfears and Fire Clanfears will no longer have a 100 % to drop a Daedra Heart, instead they will have a 50 % chance like all other Daedra.
* Replaced most of the creatures in the Deadlands with leveled spawns, meaning the instance won't be completely dead if you decide to re-enter.
* The price of the custom glass armor that you can obtain from Bols Indalen in Mournhold is now based on Rebirth values, instead of vanilla.
* Added the missing Dagoths': Dagoth Mulis, Dagoth Velos, Dagoth Malan to the game. This also means three more 400 souls to capture.
* Ordinators will no longer attack you for wearing their armor if you are either Patriarch of the Temple or named the Nerevarine.
* Khajiits and Argonians will have trouble dealing with Comonna Tong members, unless their disposition isn't high enough (90).
* Added a sign outside Bivale Dralayn's pawnshop in Ald Velothi. Additionally this shop will close at night, like other shops.
* Replaced the waterspouts in Vivec's and Molag Mar's canalworks with ones that matches the Velothi interior set.
* Replaced the firepits inside Velothi interiors with ones that matches the Velothi interior set.
* Replaced regular cliff racer spawns in the Red Mountain region with blighted cliff racers spawns.
* The book 'Ordo Legionis' now mentions Fort Ashmoth as one of the legion garrisons in Vvardenfell.
* Thongar's Tradehouse in Khuul will no longer be locked at night, as it's more than just a shop.
* Totally reworked the Library of Vivec, making it much larger. Consider this somewhat of a WIP.
* Added signs to the Fighter's and Mages's guild entrances in Wolverine Hall.
* Some parts of the Dunmer Stronghold exterior set are now in a more "ruined state".
* Replaced all instances of static coiled rope with the misc item coiled rope.
* Varus Vatinius now has a ranged option during the duel in the Arena.
* Imperial Guards now wield Imperial Spears, instead of Steel Spears.
* Added a trap door to the top of the Eastern Guardtower, Balmora.
* Chests inside vaults etc are less likely to contain Daedric weapons.
* Reworked the Ghostgate Shrine and the area around it.
* Reworked the exterior of Ald Redaynia Tower.
* Removed the creature 'Ash Scorpion' from the mod.
* Ash Yams now restores intelligence instead of fortifies intelligence.
* Corkbulb Root now restores luck instead of fortifies luck.
* Corprus Weepings will no longer appear in random loot.
* Added new prison racks to all imperial prison cells.
* Added locked glass doors to some bookshelves.
* Landscape fixes and improvements.
* Pathgrid fixes and improvements.

Nordic Iron Set - WIP

The Nordic Iron Set is now complete

Morrowind Rebirth Additions

New Armor
* Nordic Iron Greaves (which also completes the set)
* Nordic Fur Leggings
* Netch Leggings
* Chitin Leggings
* Iron Leggings
* Steel Leggings
* Imperial Steel Leggings
* Bonemold Leggings
* Glass Leggings
* Ebony Leggings
* Daedric Leggings

New Weapons
* Imperial Arrow
* Imperial Bolt

New models for the Open and Closed Orcish Helmets

New and improved models for many items, here the Orcish closed and open Helm

New Magic Weapons
* Iron Flameknife
* Iron Shardknife
* Iron Sparkknife
* Iron Viperknife
* Steel Flameknife
* Steel Shardknife
* Steel Sparkknife
* Steel Viperknife
* Silver Flameknife
* Silver Shardknife
* Silver Sparkknife
* Silver Viperknife
* Iron Flamedart
* Iron Sharddart
* Iron Sparkdart
* Iron Viperdart
* Steel Flamedart
* Steel Sharddart
* Steel Sparkdart
* Steel Viperdart
* Silver Flamedart
* Silver Sharddart
* Silver Sparkdart
* Silver Viperdart
* Iron Flamestar
* Iron Shardstar
* Iron Sparkstar
* Iron Viperstar
* Steel Flamestar (previously just 'Flamestar')
* Steel Shardstar (previously just 'Shardstar')
* Steel Sparkstar (previously just 'Sparkstar')
* Steel Viperstar (previously just 'Viperstar')
* Silver Flamestar
* Silver Shardstar
* Silver Sparkstar
* Silver Viperstar
* Iron Flame Arrow
* Iron Shard Arrow
* Iron Spark Arrow
* Iron Viper Arrow
* Steel Flame Arrow (previously just 'Flame Arrow')
* Steel Shard Arrow (previously just 'Shard Arrow')
* Steel Spark Arrow (previously just 'Spark Arrow')
* Steel Viper Arrow (previously just 'Viper Arrow')
* Silver Flame Arrow
* Silver Shard Arrow
* Silver Spark Arrow
* Silver Viper Arrow
* Iron Flame Bolt
* Iron Shard Bolt
* Iron Spark Bolt
* Iron Viper Bolt
* Steel Flame Bolt (previously just 'Flame Bolt')
* Steel Shard Bolt (previously just 'Shard Bolt')
* Steel Spark Bolt (previously just 'Spark Bolt')
* Steel Viper Bolt (previously just 'Viper Bolt')
* Silver Flame Bolt
* Silver Shard Bolt
* Silver Spark Bolt
* Silver Viper Bolt
* Iron Arrow of Firebloom
* Iron Arrow of Frostbloom
* Iron Arrow of Shockbloom
* Iron Arrow of Poisonbloom
* Steel Arrow of Firebloom
* Steel Arrow of Frostbloom
* Steel Arrow of Shockbloom
* Steel Arrow of Poisonbloom
* Silver Arrow of Firebloom
* Silver Arrow of Frostbloom
* Silver Arrow of Shockbloom
* Silver Arrow of Poisonbloom
* Blessed Arrow
* Saintly Arrow
* Holy Arrow
* Blessed Bolt
* Saintly Bolt
* Holy Bolt
* Arrow of Fear
* Bolt of Fear

New Ingredients
* Saltrice Bread

New Spells
* Resist Elements: Strong
* Resist Elements: Great
* Resist Elements: Wild

Patriach or Nerevarine? Ordinators won't attack for wearing their armor

Ordinators won't be as grumpy if you are named Patriach or Nerevarine


Spells [Base Cost]
* Damage Skill base cost from 18 to 20.
* Absorb Skill base cost from 2 to 6.
* Charm base cost from 4 to 10.


* Tweaked alpha transparency on the Golden Kanet/Roland's Tear leaves/flowers, removing the white edges seen around the them in certain angles.
* Tweaked bad texture tiling on Redoran Building, which previously made them unecessarily blurry.
* A rework of many parts of the Nordic Iron Armor-set including new models, icons etc.
* Model and texture changes to some Daedric weapons (with new icons where needed).
* Model and texture changes to some Chitin weapons (with new icons where needed).
* Hundreds of UV-fixes and improvements, mainly to head and hair models.
* New ground model for the Chitin Pauldrons.
* Increased the size of the Dragonscale bracer ground model.
* Increased the size of the Adamantium bracer ground model.
* Increased the size of the Nordic bracer ground model.
* Increased the size of the Orcish bracer ground model.
* New model for Ghoul Heart.
* New model, icon and texture for Meteor Slime.
* New model and icon for Sword of Agustas.
* New model and icon for the Orcish Open Helm.
* New model and icon for the Orcish Helm.
* New model and icon for Leather Bracer.
* New model and icon for Cloth Bracer.
* New model and icon for Foeburner.
* New model and icon for Sapphire.
* New model and icon for Topaz.
* New icon for Boots of Blinding Speed.
* New icon for Conoon Chodala's Boots.
* New icon for Pyromancer's Boots.
* New icon for Pathfinder's Boots.
* New icon for Voidwalker Boots.
* New icon for Cephalopod Boots.
* New icon for Lizard's Eye.
* New icon for Fury.

Khajiit or Argonian? The Comonna Tong won't like you very much

The comonna tong will always be a thorn in the eye.. now even more so for beast races


* Updated broken links in the compatibility patch readme.

Morrowind Rebirth - Game Settings [Addon]

* NPCs being attacked without provocation will call for aid when attacked, but the radius from which other npcs will be alerted has been reduced by 50 %. Consider this being somewhat experimental, so let me know what you think.
* NPCs and creatures will now have somewhat less of a delay between attacks. This will remove the akward pause between attacks, without making it too much of a challenge.
* The value of filled soul gems have been reduced by 50 %.
* Made some changes to make pickpocket viable.

No more mismatching waterspouts in Vivec

Many smaller graphical tweaks for better consistency

Morrowind Rebirth - Races [Addon]

* Argonian
- Swift Swimmer [Ability] - Swift Swim from 10 to 20.

Morrowind Rebirth - Birthsigns [Addon]

The Serpent
* Star-Curse [Spell]
- Drain Health on self 10-10 for 30 seconds to Drain Health on self 5-5 for 10 seconds

Morrowind Patch Project 1.6.6 [For Rebirth]

* Fixed an issue where the book 'Provinces of Tamriel' didn't display an image of the provinces.
* Fixed issues where some vampire attack voices didn't match the race or gender.
* Filtered the Solstheim topic requirement to match that of Rebirth.
* Minor dialogue fixes.


[RELEASE] Morrowind Rebirth 6.2

[RELEASE] Morrowind Rebirth 6.2

Morrowind Rebirth 6.3 4 comments

Hey guys! 2023 is here, which means yet another year has passed in the long history of Morrowind Rebirth. Last year was amazing in terms of development...

[RELEASE] Morrowind Rebirth 6.1

[RELEASE] Morrowind Rebirth 6.1

Morrowind Rebirth 6.3 17 comments

Hey guys! The main aim of this update has been to fix bugs, add quality of life fixes and general polish. Obviously it wouldn't be a proper update without...

ModDB Presents - Q&A with NVIDIA & Nexus Mods on RTX Remix

ModDB Presents - Q&A with NVIDIA & Nexus Mods on RTX Remix

News 9 comments

We got the chance to sit down and chat about RTX Remix, the recently announced tool opening up modding across DX8 and DX9 games!

NVIDIA Announces DX8/9 RTX Modding Tool

NVIDIA Announces DX8/9 RTX Modding Tool

News 28 comments

RTX Remix, a tool tapping directly into the DirectX framework to provide universal modding capabilities in games running either DX8 or DX9, has just been...

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Complete Morrowind Graphical Overhaul Part 3

Complete Morrowind Graphical Overhaul Part 3

Complete Morrowind Overhaul Modpack Full Version

This is Part 3. Just download it together with part 1 and 2 and follow the instructions from Part 4 for installation.

Complete Morrowind Graphical Overhaul Part 2

Complete Morrowind Graphical Overhaul Part 2

Complete Morrowind Overhaul Modpack Full Version

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Complete Morrowind Graphical Overhaul Part 4

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Complete Morrowind Graphical Overhaul Part 1

Complete Morrowind Graphical Overhaul Part 1

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This is part 1 of the Modpack and needs to be downloaded together with part 2 and part 3.

Make Your Own Clothes kit  Tommy Khajiit

Make Your Own Clothes kit Tommy Khajiit


Tommy Khajiit make your own clothes Resource isn't easy to find I found this mod I wanted upload this mod of Tommy Khajiit's resource make your own clothes...

[RELEASE] Morrowind Rebirth 6.3

[RELEASE] Morrowind Rebirth 6.3

Morrowind Rebirth 6.3 Full Version 8 comments

This is the full version of Morrowind Rebirth 6.3.

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Morrowind it is easier to import models inside the game.I have to try it with Skyrim it's very hard to import models much easier in Morrowind.I once import Jimmy Hopkins head into the game.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

I wonder why morrowind is listed as a first person shooter on moddb?
You can see it on the style box on the right hand side of the page...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes

This game is my life <3

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes

Am I the only person who noticed that this game is listed as a First Person Shooter while all the other Elder Scrolls games are listed as RPGs?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+6 votes

Weird, I don't think even DX games are listed as FPSes...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Morrowind is a full RPG, but was listed under First Person Shooter when it was released in 2002?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

is this compatible with saved games? (un modded)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

Yes... un modded save games should work with Rebirth. Going from one version build to another, may cause doubling in NPC's. But you can always use Wrye Bash!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

morrowind will always be better than oblivion and skyrim for me. i just enjoyed the story and world more.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+13 votes

Morrowind has always held more promise, with more mods, moddler resources, and more potential for improvement. I never cared that much for the Nerevarine Prophecy. But loved the variety in architecture, landscapes, and plants.

Oblivion was a very smooth game, very polished, and complete world. I had a hard time deciding what to add to the game outside of a small house, castle, or alternate beginning. Oblivion was very generic, offering the same buildings, ruins, and interiors over and over again. It wasn't until MorrOblivion and other mods that the new buildings were offered in the game. If fact, the game should be called Cyrodiil instead of Oblivion, and there should only be one gate instead of ten.

Skyrim offered a huge leap in graphics, offered the same smooth game play, finished world. I had to upgrade from XP to Win7 though, just to enjoy the game. The same with Fallout 3, which played very clunky on XP but enjoyable on Win7. Fallout Vegas was a much better game that the Fallout 3. Back to Skyrim, I really disliked the transition from exterior world to interior buildings, and felt like the black square behind the door was annoying. But overall, Skyrim has great game play, smooth graphics, and a very polished finished world.

Elder Scrolls Online, I felt cheated with the graphics. If they had used the Morrowind Engine with a Graphic Replacer... the game would have looked much better. Or if they had used the Oblivion or Skyrim Engine ... it would have had a more polished look. I enjoyed discovering the world of Tamriel, and all the different styles in architecture. But found the begining mission from Daggerfall to Betony, (or the Orc's version of it) very forced and heavy handed. I was hoping for more open ended, free travel, straight from the start of the game. And not be railroaded down a certain path until I reached a high level to free travel.

I haven't played Fallout 4 yet, but I'm guess I have to upgrade my computer from Win7 to Win10 with a better graphic's card. Just to enjoy the game. I havn't heard how it plays on older computers.


Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

You failed to mention quite a few shortcomings of Skyrim particularly it's highly unoriginal story, its lack of colour, and very dumbed down and rpg feature stripped gameplay. It was more like an action-adventure game than an RPG.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

True, but Oblivion was at least a close second to it.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

Nope, Skyrim is better than Oblivion :P

Reply Good karma Bad karma-2 votes

God no, skyrim was even further dumbed down.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

It's story was highly cliche and unoriginal, the nord land is boring full of a drunken warrior race there's nothing interesting about them at all. So much grey, white and brown dominating the colour scheme which looks so boring to the eyes.

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

Ok, it's been 3 years since that comment, and I actually got around re-replaying Oblivion in that time, and I must agree, Oblivion is better than Skyrim.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Same here buddy! :D

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
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