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Jan 20 2023 Anchor

I'm wondering where developers typically go for their music and what they're looking for when they're there?

If you mainly use asset stores, what makes a desirable music asset? Do you prefer niche albums or large packs, what sort of price do you typically pay?

If you prefer custom music, how do you find the artists you work with?

I'm a musician who's new to the industry and I'm trying to dissect what a good strategy is. I've been writing / playing my whole life and have recently done a couple songs for free with developers but I'm struggling to figure out how to move into paid work.

Any industry knowledge / tips / feedback would be appreciated!

I'm gonna leave my Soundcloud as a shameless plug :P

Jan 20 2023 Anchor

For solo game devs like me, I go find music from free music sites such as : incompetech and . Eric Matyas usually share his free music tracks in his website.

As for what I'm looking for, I prefer upbeat tracks and don't care much about instrument though electronic sounds good for me most of the time.

ns-mars Still Learning...
Jan 24 2023 Anchor

I go to

Jan 24 2023 Anchor

I am working with a few game engines for the rest of this month and into February. Email me If you'd like to collaborate. :)

10hours ago Anchor

You could try your hand at composing your own music using AI to help you!

I’m a co-founder of an online DAW called WavTool - It uses AI to help generate melodies, chords and accompaniments, as well as has a chatbot for navigating complicated DAW interfaces.

It's free-to-use to for generated compositions all the way up to exports, so it might be a good option to explore and try out!

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