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Nov 19 2021 Anchor

HOPE1134 oooh, I just saw you deleted all of those spamming videos you did for years. You're lucky that I didn't screenshot it. Because I already know most of them.

From Battlefield, Star Wars, and many others you've spammed on that page.

HOPE1134 wrote:


Who are you?

Oh, I'm some guy who targets video spammers like yourself after I saw all of the videos you spammed just got deleted like crazy. Are you trying to hide something over there? I pretty much know most of the videos.


Hello, I see that you've deleted your video spamming on the EA page, I can even see my former account just on the first and second page instead of being back because of your spamming. Don't hide it.

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Apr 27 2022 Anchor

Matter resolved. Thank you...
Made another account and is back harassing us...

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Jul 30 2022 Anchor

This guy has been spamming inflammatory, insulting stuff on various mod pages, including ours:

Aug 21 2022 Anchor

Here's a spammer on top of being a 100% racist person, please ban Gecik, you can read his multiple hateful comments over there for instance:

Zeke_Dlyoung Soldier 1st Class
Sep 19 2022 Anchor
Sep 19 2022 Anchor

-Hey Zeke, be cool, we lose too much good modders because of this false entries. Keep self calm, as I, and tolerate those colleagues at least with silence(), garret. Although you are in right, prove yourself cool and suppress self, be one of us here ..

Zeke_Dlyoung Soldier 1st Class
Sep 19 2022 Anchor

I am calm. This thread is for reporting spammers, and that is what I'm doing, reporting a spammer. If I am meant to tolerate such behavior with silence, then why does this thread exist? The mods will decide, whether this is an offense requiring action or not.

EDIT: As I posted this, it seems the guy is continuing his spamming activities:

Link to the mod:

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Sep 20 2022 Anchor

Moddb can't properly ban racist people, so you bet spammers are a minor issue...

Sep 23 2022 Anchor

Claims Age of the Ring is a scam, gives a nonsense 1/10 review.

INtense! End Boss
Sep 25 2022 Anchor
MathijsRevora wrote:

Claims Age of the Ring is a scam, gives a nonsense 1/10 review.



Scott Reismanis
DBolical | @scottreismanis

ns-mars Still Learning...
Nov 6 2022 Anchor this guy isn't spamming but has profanity


"Games are good, mods are better."

.Eiko Persona randomizer.
May 18 2023 Anchor

This troll has been deliberately posting racist comments to my friends' profile pages, this guy seems to be a repeat offender who goes by different names but always has similar looking questionable avatars.

May 20 2023 Anchor

His comments below

Seems like we got ourselves a Ukrainian Nationalist who is a racist towards Russians by calling them "Orcs" or "Orks".

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Zeke_Dlyoung Soldier 1st Class
May 25 2023 Anchor

1. His last comment was posted almost a year ago

2. You realize what Russia is doing to his country right now right?

May 26 2023 Anchor

Wait a minute... I think I just sent the wrong reporting, damn it. Sorry bro, I was very tired at that last post I didn't even get to think straight of who I'm supposed to report to. It's meant for that spammer guy in another game page but I don't have time to recover my eyes and brain activity to properly process on who I'm reporting.

Sorry yet again, that post was copypasted from my notepad.

May 27 2023 Anchor


here hes name is safronovtar

and here the account spammer link:

he spammer in cold war mod community

Jul 29 2023 Anchor

I'm not sure if this person is a troll or not but the poster makes a very big deal about mods not being updated and insults the mod creators or anyone in general. I will let the admins be the judge.

Aug 15 2023 Anchor

This mod here is using my project(Warcraft Rebirth)'s assets without permission. You can clearly see from the pictures the author posted that Gold Mine, Peasant and Acolyte are from my mod and made by my old teammates. I'm pretty sure if I download and check every model I'll face even more of our job stolen. So please take the mod down.

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