Prequel for Half-Life Mod allows to look and take part at the events before Half-Life. You assume the role of Dr. Gordon Freeman. You will meet Kleiner, Vance, Barney, Rosenberg and other characters.

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A small Quality of Life update to Half-Life: Induction. Also publishing maps source files and game source code.

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Hi everyone. One year after the previous release we present you a small QoL update to Half-Life: Induction.

Download Induction 1.4


  • Added one more achievement and some new Easter Eggs related to it.
  • Fixed some Kleiner's sentences cutting off a bit in the end in the chapter "Registration".
  • The mod icon is shown on the desktop's taskbar now instead of the default Half-Life icon.
  • Fixed some misaligned textures. Fixed some bugs.
  • Added more details on some levels.
  • Added clock sounds. Added soda drink sound. Updated the doughnut model. Thanks to XF-Alien for provided resources.
  • A special crosshair is shown in the chapter "Hard Work" during the crystal test sequence, to help players press buttons more accurately.
  • The cl_viewroll cvar is removed. Use non-zero cl_rollangle value instead if you want to enable the view roll.

induction 14 3

induction 14 1

induction 14 2

With this update we also publish both game source code and map source files for the community.

The Induction game source code is based on Half-Life Featureful project and it's released as a branch on github repository. You're free to use it in your projects, e.g. if you want to port the subtitles system or achievements implementation to your mod.

Induction branch on github

The Induction map sources are released on moddb. You can use them in your own Half-Life related projects. We expect you to give proper credit to the Hazard Team in this case.

Download map source files

If you want a closer collaboration with us (e.g. on the matter of porting the mod to another platform or engine), we can discuss it on our Discord server.

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Very nice

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I always like it when mod projects go open source - thanks a lot.

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