Star Rogue is a sci-fi roguelike platformer. Do you have what it takes to face the space station and all its lethal robots and merciless aliens?

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The game is now free 2 play on Steam and there is a new Patch v1.0 RC 3.

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Hello everyone,

The game is now free to play and here is a new patch I was working on the last months.

Finally you can see what items you have collected in the pause menu and rotate through them to see what they do.

rc3 pause items

I added a progression system, that means not all items are unlocked when you start playing the game. In the items menu you can see what items you have already unlocked and how many you can still unlock.

rc3 not unlocked

After every round you play you get progress depending on how far you came. If you collected enough progress in one or several games you will unlock new items.

rc3 game over

Here is a detailed list of all changes in the v1.0 RC 3 patch:

- see what collected items do in pause menu and game over menu
- progress after each game to unlock new items
- fast ground enemy
- item: destroyed enemies spawn blue gas which hurts enemies
- sparkle animation when collecting items
- sound for jump pads

- reduced active shield time of shield enemy
- increase lil buddy spawn probability from items
- increased lil buddy movement speed
- code optimization and cleanup

fixed bugs:
- enemies get stuck in jump through platforms
- ground enemy gets stuck on destroyable box
- double money item not working for 2nd player
- heart bottle item reducing max health
- crash on some items on 2 player mode

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