After an undisclosed amount of time, you awake to find yourself face to face with a Vortigaunt. Suddenly, you now have a purpose, and the stage is set, and it is bigger. Due to the untenable situation surrounding City 4602, after City 17 blew up, the Combine have encircled the remaining resistance forces in the city, and taken control of the main trainstation outside! However, your old pal's from Bio are here, and they are willing to help you save humanity, as old co-workers plot against it... Help win back the freedom of yourself, and the world...

I have spent the last few days polishing the first chapter of R.T.S. I hope you like it!

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Yeah, i thought it'd be a bit more difficult, but no! It ended up being quite splendid, as i had already finished the chapter 6 months ago. The Map-Pack really slowed shit down, but now, expect more!

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interlaced 2

A Bit interesting i know. Stratigrad was all about the Big Brother's mysteriousness, and, of course, his transmissions, the radio tower, etc. Now, R.T.S. is all about... THE THING...

What next?

Well, i'll just try to survive and get out of here! Nah jk, expect some more promo stuff, as i develop this mod!


Neutrino Gun - A modified gravity gun that can punt objects faster, further, and pick up stuff faster. It's also GREEN!

Lifelike Characters - Characters that can be relatable, but being able to inject a bit more Portal 2 style of comedy at times. - Yes, this mod will probably be the first to implement it seriously.

Mapbase - Because, blixibon is kinda amazing.

New Variants for Antlion, and Combine!

And, a Post-Half-Life 3 story. (This means that, this mod takes place after Epistle 3, or whatever a hypothetical half life 3 would've taken place. This just for a frame of reference.)

Tapes and Terminals!

And, among, other things!


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