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Some new players may get very stuck in Episode 1 Cyberdemon Boss Battle at the first glance. So this article is a guide for these people...

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WHY DID I WRITE THIS ARTICLE?: From what I heard or saw unfortunately some new players may get very stuck in Episode 1 Cyberdemon Boss Battle. Because these people can't solve the logic of the Cyberdemon Boss Battle. These people save scum to kill Cyberdemon without using any tactics but after each death they continue to save and reload uncountable times. After more than 10 times this situation causes huge frustration for these people. So they give up playing this mod. In this article my purpose is to show these people what to do to kill the Cyberdemon.


  • 1-) Episode 1 Boss Battle has 100 percent same logic with the Doom 3 Cyberdemon Boss Battle. Like Doom 3 you need to stay away from the Cyberdemon (and its projectiles) when the Soul Cube is inactive. Because your unit doesn't have enough firepower without Soul Cube. So when the Soul Cube is inactive stay away from Cyberdemon by running away an from Cyberdemon continuously.


  • 2-) So your unit needs to make the Soul Cube "active" to be able to attack the Cyberdemon. Also enemy Lost Souls will attack your unit to help Cyberdemon. Kill all Lost Souls quickly to charge your Soul Cube. After killing 5 Lost Souls you will be able to activate the Soul Cube when you want by writing "1" in chat part. After you activate the Soul Cube its effects have a limited time. After the remaining time finishes the Soul Cube will be inactive again. So you will need to kill 5 Lost Souls again for the Soul Cube activation.

Cyber 1 5


  • 3-) Killing Lost Souls is not only required for Soul Cube. It is also required to stop Cyberdemon's pursuit. Because Cyberdemon is blind to chase your unit directly. It will follow the nearest Lost Soul to your unit to kill your unit. So it won't be able to chase your unit if you kill all Lost Souls in the related area.


  • 4-) When your Soul Cube is active you can shoot the Cyberdemon. After you shoot Cyberdemon 2-3 times run away again from Cyberdemon because Soul Cube's effects have a limited time. If Cyberdemon shoots your unit (while you are also attacking it) you can avoid from Cyberdemon's projectile by moving to an another place. Also when you each activate the Soul Cube your health will be restored permanently but your speed and attack damage will sharply increase temporary.

Cyber 2 5

Cyber 3 5

Cyber 4 5


  • 5-) After you run away from Cyberdemon (also after hurting it before) save the game. After you repeat this process several times successfully Cyberdemon will die like I did in the bottom video.

Cyber 5 5


  • 6-) Also you need to kill Lost Souls little quick. Because they can outnumber your unit up to being "5" at the same time. Also there some nightmare imp projectiles if you close the edges of battle area very much. But imp projectiles are quite easy to avoid.
  • 7-) You can avoid from Cyberdemon projectile by moving to an another place (if it achieves to throw you a rocket).


  • LASTLY-) If you still very stuck you can watch the bottom video to watch me how to do. Regards...


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