First-person action game, project codename is Citizen Pain.

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This past week I implemented the Stunlock: in particular cases (like when the player’s stamina is over), an enemy's attacks causes you to temporarily be paralyzed, leaving you vulnerable.

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Stunlock time is about 2 minutes, but it can be canceled with a Dash (reducing the Stunlock by half a minute), so you can dodge some of the enemies' attacks at the last moment.

I put a slight camera shake and an animation where the sword and shield disappear on screen to emphasize the Stunlock.

In addition, I added a new enemy, the Silver Knight. It will be a kind of mid-level Boss, and there will be only one in the game.

It has 3 attacks: Heavy, Thrust and a Swing Combo attack. He often walks, but if the player gets too far away, he starts running.

It's not completed yet, I'm just finishing implementing a couple more features (like the ability to send you into Stunlock and the ability to heal himself when his life is low).

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