Survive the waves! Buy weapons and ammo! Unlock new stages! Purchase companions! Solve daily quests and get rewards! Casual Pixel Warrior is a wave shooter where your endurance to last an infinite fight depends on your skill, unlocked weapons and purchased ammo.

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The August Summer Update 2023 of Casual Pixel Warrior, an RPG-like casual wave shooter game, has just been released!

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The August Summer Update 2023 has just been published. This update improves the gameplay of Casual Pixel Warrior greatly, so be sure to check it out!

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Usually you can rely on that you have enough time to do the daily quests since they run on a per day basis. Technically they currently reset every 12 hours which gives you more than enough time to solve the quests. But what if you are just starting out too late and the reset is about to take effect? Gladly there is now a timer indicator, so you can always check how much time is remaining. Sometimes then you might just want to wait for the reset and then start your quests

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What was also a bit unpleasent was the fact that the shop did not indicate whether or not you already owned a singleton item. This is now resolved. The shop will show an indicator instead of the price on each item you already own that can only be purchased once.

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Also feeding the pets is now much more convenient. In reality animals are evolutionary trained to approach food quickly and eat it as fast as they can. We all know this from our beloved doggos. So, now all pets will approach nearby food quickly in order to eat. And never forget: Be sure to keep your enemies happy with food or otherwise they won't produce coins!

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Here is a full list of all the changes in the update:

  • Show timer to indicate when daily quests reset
  • Distinctive save file to support multiple users on a machine
  • Greater damage for rocket launcher weapon
  • Hint text for when you already own a shop item
  • Mouse wheel support for shop and map selection menus
  • Fixed messed up positioning of collectible items in bottom left section
  • Pets now approach nearby food fast for a better feeding experience
  • More bugfixes and improvements

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Have fun with the game!

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